Welcome! I admire your courage and vulnerability.


Have you and your partner been caught in a vicious cycle, resulting in feelings of exhaustion, insecurity, hopelessness, and resentment? Are you having a difficult time communicating and relating to your partner? Do you desire emotional connection and security with your partner and loved ones? You or your partner may have engaged in an unfaithful act, overloaded with work or parental duties, experiencing complexity in the blending of two households, or feel inspired to foster personal growth.

Regardless of what you are experiencing, I am glad you are here as sustainable change starts with you. The challenges we encounter can be overwhelming, resulting in feelings of isolation, uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. It is okay to ask for help, as we all need a platform to process and talk about our experiences and emotions. You do not have to be alone in your struggle, I am here to help.

My name is Deborah. I am a fully licensed marriage and family therapist and a fifth-year doctoral candidate. I have completed my clinical training at one of the world’s foremost research institutions here in Dallas. I have obtained extensive and specialized training in couples, family, and individual counseling, using a highly effective therapeutic model involving adult attachment. I carry years of experience helping individuals like yourselves find hope and peace again.

My hope is that this may be a rich and raw growing experience that allows you to feel safe and validated, mature into the most desired version of yourself, and let your best self be seen in your relationships. I will work collaboratively with you to provide the support, insight, and tools you need to achieve a life with deep purpose and intention. If you allow yourself to be open to and trust in the therapeutic process, you may see authentic beauty unfold in your life and your relationship with others. With that being said, I look forward to creating meaningful shifts with you!