Family Therapy

"The power of Empathy: I'm in it with you. I'm not here to fix you.
I'm not here to feel it for you. I'm here to feel with you and let you know you are not alone
-Brene Brown

Are you having a difficult time communicating with your children? Maybe they are experiencing difficulty expressing and sharing their feelings.

Is your child being bullied at school, showing signs of depression, engaging in self-injurious behaviors, or experiencing thoughts of suicide?

Have you and your partner been arguing over how to discipline or parent your children?

Is your (blended) family just not blending? Are there loyalty binds/conflicts that hinder the family’s emotional health and acquiring cohesion?

Families are diverse and each family has a unique story to tell. Family of origin influences individuals and family relationships facilitate change. Research shows that our attachment styles with our caregivers shape our interpersonal relationships in adulthood; in how we communicate, resolve conflict, and reach for/connect with others. Families have variations in structure, roles and responsibilities, communication styles, and biological and environmental patterns. Family of origin molds who we are and colors how we view and experience the world. Family is powerful and essential, as secure attachment and relationship with our loved ones provide confidence, capacity to help heal devastating wounds, and embellish our sense of connection to the larger world. Individuals and their "symptoms" cannot be fully understood without the integration of family systems and family of origin work. Each member of the family brings a refreshing and meaningful perspective that can facilitate authentic growth and healing.
Take the first step to a healthier relationship with your loved ones.


Common Presenting Issues:

  • Family Conflict

  • Parent-Child Dyad

  • Child and Adolescent Depression/Anxiety/Suicide

  • Child and Adolescent Behavioral Problems

  • Adolescents & Teens

  • Stepfamily and Step-parenting Issues

  • Coparenting & Parenting

  • CPS Investigation & Involvement

What to expect in Family Therapy:

Family Therapy will entail exploration of your family of origin and close relationships. Family Therapy will provide an opportunity for family members to feel heard, accepted, and understood. Family Therapy provides a safe and confidential place for family members to share their emotions and perspectives. Family therapy also instills hope and encourages family members to work together to seek solutions that best fits each members’ needs.