I strongly recommend Dr. Deborah Holt as a therapist. She has many excellent therapeutic skills based on a deep understanding of human development and the family as a system. Her broad background provides a basis for understanding and working with people from all walks of life. I would strongly recommend her to my family members when needing counseling.

Dr. Deborah Holt is one of the brightest students I had in many years of teaching family therapists. She has keen insight for helping clients with a wide array of problems. Deborah has clinical skills far beyond her age and experience. She does well with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Deborah has strong understanding of people from all walks of life and will facilitate their improvement whatever the presenting issue from divorce/remarriage, life adjustment issues, couple relationships, parenting issues to depression and anxiety management (anger issues). She is one of the best available in North Texas.
— Dr. Glen Jennings, Professor Emeritus of Family Therapy Texas Woman’s University
Deborah is a dedicated therapist who has done extensive research on high-conflict couples and blended family issues. Using a present-focused approach, you will experience a shift in your situation through her use of emotionally focused therapy techniques, with close attention to your needs and pacing in counseling. She is relatable and enthusiastic about her work, with an innovative and collaborative mind, and a heart that’s always ready to help clients.
— Tran Nguyen, MS, LMFT
Caring, kind, and professional, Dr. Deborah Holt is a family therapist who makes a difference in so many lives.
— Dr. Linda Brock, Professor, PhD, LMFT-Supervisor, LPC
Deborah has a unique ability to empower others through compassion and constructive honesty. She is an extremely supportive therapist and holds herself accountable by staying informed on current research and constantly pursuing professional development. Any client who seeks Deborah’s assistance will benefit from a relatable person who will challenge you, while also creating a safe space for growth and positive change.
— Anne Streett, MS, LMFT